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Who We Are

International executive recruiters and consultants who value Extraordinary service and talent.

We are dedicated to growing your company by infusing Energy, Experience, Expertise and Enthusiasm.

New York – Los Angeles – London

“The key to success is hiring world-class team members. Many advertising agencies and companies agree, but few can execute. For Questus, eTeam Executive Search is much more than a great search firm. They are a trusted partner. They are part of our team. They are critical to our success. We have found incredible new team members through eTeam, and I recommend them to any business that is committed to finding the best talent in the world.” – Jeffrey Rosenblum, Co-President of Questus and Documentary Film Director/Producer

Our approach is strategic and highly personal. We take the time to get to know your company and team. We understand your industry and vision for growth. We will take you and your team through a proven process that includes behavioral interviews and assessment testing.

Our expertise is in identifying and evaluating professionals from Director to CEO, with expertise in: creative, account management, marketing, sales, business development and operations. We identify candidates for industries including emerging technology, media (traditional, social, digital, mobile, video), e-commerce, for both the agency and client sides of business.

Our mission is to deliver honest value so that we can connect you with the best talent. We are your consultants and connectors for your future growth.


Executive Recruiting | Assessment Testing and Evaluation | Consulting for start up and overseas companies doing business in USA | HR Business Advisors


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Speaker – 2014                  CEO Award Recipient – 2014

Why Choose Us

We have been successfully placing executives for 16 years.

Extraordinary Service:
Client service is of utmost importance to us; we take measures
to treat each client as our top priority.

Our team expertly understands not only your needs,
but also your business.

Our extensive network of candidates ensures that we will
find the right fit for your company.

We are excited to help grow your business.

Our team works tirelessly to identify the right professional
for your position.

We are proficient in meeting the needs of today's complex
world of communications and technology.

How We Do It

  • Fresh Thinking
    Fresh Thinking

    Fresh out of the box thinking – we challenge our clients’ thinking and deliver candidates who challenge the status quo

  • Perspective

    We listen and give you a 360 perspective

  • Passion

    We love working with clients who want to grow

  • Process

    A process that works – background reporting, behavioral interviewing, assessment testing and our view of who’s a cultural fit and who will exceed expectations

  • Relationships

    Relationships matter – it’s not about winning the search, it’s about growing your organization to greater success

  • Global

    Global thinking – we work with cutting edge global companies

  • Erika Weinstein

    CEO & Founder

  • Joan E. Segal


  • Susan Baron

    Executive Vice President

  • Gail Monroe-Perry

    Senior Vice President

  • Scott Lange

    Senior Vice President

  • Toni Strazza

    Senior Director

  • Harry Hantel

    Search Consultant

  • Samantha Hess

    Search Consultant

  • John Seregos

    Search Consultant

  • Diana Ruiz

    West Coast Affiliate

  • Camilla McInnes

    London Affiliate

  • Mark Naples

    Board Advisor

  • Dave Williams

    Board Advisor

  • Paul Iaffaldano

    Board Advisor

Our Services

  • Recruitment

    At eTeam Executive Search we live and breathe in this fast paced communications world whereby strategy and results are immediate and accountable to our clients, brands and consumers. Therefore, eTeam takes pride in handpicking candidates who “get it,” deliver in real time, and are nimble decision makers.

    Click to Learn More about our Areas of Expertise.

  • Assessment Tools

    One of the most costly mistakes in business is hiring the wrong person. At eTeam Executive Search we combine the science and art of hiring game-changing talent. eTeam Executive Search assessment consultants will create individual evaluation tools and plans to maximize your hiring potential.

    Assessment for Organizational Fit and Growth
    Through a comprehensive, objective evaluation and use of our assessment tools, we will align an employee’s strengths and skills to maximize his or her potential in your organization, as well as grow and develop his or her professional abilities.

    Create a Comprehensive Job Analysis for your Critical Positions
    We begin by analyzing the current job role and creating a complete job evaluation. Through this process, we will define job responsibilities, key skills, key behavioral traits and key performance indicators needed to function at maximum efficiency. The new job analysis will clearly define the hard skills and soft skills needed to be successful today as well as to meet future organizational needs.

    HR Business Advisors
    Comprehensive best business practice workshops designed for your company. The program is designed to create best hiring practices within your company that speak to cultural fit, and retention of talent.

What Our Clients Say

    "The key to success is hiring world-class team members. Many advertising agencies and companies agree, but few can execute. For Questus, eTeam Executive Search is much more than a great search firm. They are a trusted partner. They are part of our team. They are critical to our success. We have found incredible new team members through eTeam and I recommend them to any business that is committed to finding the best talent in the world."
    – Jeffrey Rosenblum, Co-President of Questus and Documentary Film Director/Producer

    "Erika and her team are our 'go to' recruiters when we have difficult searches to fill. They have a clear understanding of the organization and the objectives of the open role, and they deliver a refined pool of qualified candidates. Never shy, Erika and her team let us know the good and the bad of each candidate."
    – Peter Office, EVP, Worldwide Director of Live Events at Momentum Worldwide

    "Erika and her team are true insiders in the Media and Advertising industries. They have a phenomenal mental database of the key players in the space… they know who the best in class is, and even more importantly know who to avoid. I was impressed at how quickly Erika and her team 'got' my business, including its culture and its challenges. eTeam Executive Search provides more than a great group of candidates; they work with you to ensure you hire the best one for your company."
    – Andy Sawyer, CEO, Re:Fuel

    "I’ve known Erika for years and consider her a trusted advisor in talent acquisition. She and her team know my industry and deliver honest market feedback and a short list of qualified candidates. eTeam Executive Search is not about making a placement, but are truly guided by partnership and growing my business."
    – Sam Zussman, Managing Director and Director, IMG Academies

    "I have worked with eTeam Search on a number of different assignments over the last decade and they have consistently delivered top-notch candidates and provided savvy business advice. Not only has eTeam Search proven to be resourceful and innovative in bringing candidates to the table, but also a valuable sounding board and knowledgeable industry insider."
    – Paula Balzar, CEO at TBA Global

    "I've worked with eTeam Search on numerous occasions from Juno to D&B and found them and their network to be an invaluable source of talent."
    – Jonathan Cherins, EVP, Enterprise & Americas at TravelClick

    "eTeam Search is one of the leading recruiters of senior marketing executives, and I endorse them wholeheartedly."
    – Chris Forbes, Advisor at Elsevier

    "eTeam Search has a sixth sense about people and an uncanny ability to match up a candidate with the right company. In our case, their success as a recruiter was also due to their thorough knowledge of the marketing services industry."
    – Lili Mahlab, Executive Vice President at FrontLine Marketing, a division of Acosta Sales and Marketing

    "BRILLIANT!! One of the best in the industry! They don’t just work with anyone or any company unless they CAN deliver. They are smart, creative and honest. I would work with them anytime!"
    – Jacqueline "Jackie" Stone, Senior VP, Marketing at Spanfeller Media Group

    "eTeam Search are a truly professional and proficient organization. As a client, we have seen how they manage and interact and we are impressed with their responsiveness to client needs."
    – Danya Cohan, President, Gotham and Global-Project Management Consulting

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